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A very up-to-date clothespin doll

An image of a clothespin doll with a handdrawn face, wrapped in silver mesh fabric, with pink hair and a microphone made from a bit of wooden tongue depressor.

We were making clothespin dolls, using exquisite silk scraps from Grandma’s stash, and I was in charge of the tacky glue because no one has any newspaper anymore to lay down on the good table.

“Cut me a piece of this,” she said. “No! Bigger! And wrap it around it. Yeah, like that.”

“Even the head?”


“But there’s so much extra….”

“Leave it!”

Sometimes your kid is a mystery. I thought the little drawn-on tip of a tongue depressor was a baby, to attach somewhere under the draping.

“It’s a microphone! Can’t you SEE it?” She rolled her eyes.

We stuck it on. Then hair. Ta da!

Who woulda thunk? Our Little-House-on-the-Prairie project had ended with the creation of Pink performing Glitter in the Air at the 2009 Grammy Awards. You can even see the wood through her robe.

(I’m very upset that this clip can’t be embedded. You MUST watch it!)

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