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photo of Robin MooreI have been a photographer, an artist, a writer, a wife, a mother, a widow, an entrepreneur, a communications team member.

My latest project went live on March 1. Widowed Village is growing at an amazing rate thanks to the hundreds of loving and supportive grieving people I’ve connected with in the past few years. This original and creative online community was built in collaboration with Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation, the non-profit organization that hosts wonderful Camp Widow. Send us your bereaved and isolated people waiting to be reborn, or just pick up one of the Village’s funky badges.

I represent the artwork of my first husband, the late Kevin MacDonald. Drawing from my own expensive mistakes and my MBA, I consult on estate planning for artists and their families. This work includes building appropriate, economical legacies using social and other media.

You can connect with me and learn more about what I do on Facebook and LinkedIn.