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Split/Level: 2 loves, 2 homes

It’s a little freaky to walk into my prototypical 50’s split level house and see this silkscreen print of an almost-identical house over the fireplace. I imagined people would want to quickly run outside and check, or feel that they were in a Twilight Zone episode. It’s spookier to know that the print was producedContinue Reading

Rock the Holidays DC! For widowed people and those who love them

Widows Rock the Holidays! DC is one of six regional events to connect widowed people of all ages. Please join us to meet each other and support the work of the Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation. I am hosting the very special DC event this coming Sunday, Dec. 5, from 4-6 pm at the Katzen ArtsContinue Reading

Bookworks: it mattered

For the five years after college, I had what might have been my dream job, first as assistant and then as manager of a tiny, extremely effete bookstore specializing in avant-garde art and independent publishing. There is currently a 35-year retrospective of the store’s parent organization, Washington Project for the Arts, and I wrote thisContinue Reading

Photos I took in high school are a big deal

One morning you wake up and all of a sudden, you’re famous in Amsterdam. James Murphy, a math teacher of mine who was a huge influence on me, posted these photos at some point on his site, and the story got picked up, as they say. Like chicken little, it ran, and ran, and ran,Continue Reading