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Happy New Year

(It’s a noisemaker that a friend bought in a village in India during Diwali. Cost probably 5 cents. Handmade from discarded plastic tubing [perfectly clean] and foil stamping leftovers and other bits of trash. Because even with no money you can contribute to festivities in a grand way. LOVE!)

Great-grandma Laura: Etsy forebear

Nothing was ever good enough for Grandma Laura. She had a sort of creative obsessive-compulsive disorder, a tinkering impulse that she’d take out on any object in her sight that was “straight out of the box.” Every plain sweater, every piece of ormolu porcelain, needed at least a dash of alteration to fit her ideasContinue Reading

A very up-to-date clothespin doll

My daughter made a clothespin doll. She picked someone famous to represent, but you’ll never guess who.Continue Reading

Mourning breakfast

Breakfast was full of memories today. Rye toast, because Mike and I had deli for grown-ups-only dinner late last night. I knew he’d be happy to see rye bread with seeds, like what we had when I was a kid (except we never had a toaster), which I used to go buy at D’Aiuto’s onContinue Reading